Solid Strandwoven Bamboo

Solid Strandwoven Bamboo

Bamboo is proving to be a durable and attractive alternative to hardwoods for flooring. It is rapidly renewable, growing to maturity in five to seven years, compared to 50-150 years for many hardwoods. It is sturdy, with a hardness that rivals and in some cases exceeds the hardness of hardwoods. Bamboo is attractive and readily available in solid, woven and engineered versions. It offers a variety of colors and grains and it is cost effective, often being less expensive than hardwoods and just as easy to install. The surge in popularity of bamboo as an eco-friendly flooring material has created a rush to market with a simultaneous surge in manufacturing capacity. The rapid growth has resulted in a wide range of quality of the finished product, depending on the manufacturing processes used.






Solid Stranwoven

Board Width

3-7/8 inch, 4-1/2 inch

Board Length

72-7/8 inch

Plank Thickness

9/16 inch, 1/2 inch

Finish Options

Pre Finished


Float, Glue


Natural, Carbonized, Light Carbonized, Tiger, Dark Chocalate, Jubalee, Frost, Walnut, Charcoal, Espresso